Recycled Spirituality


Reading Recycled Spirituality is like browsing through a mysterious, ancient resale shop filled with treasures from the rich heritage of historical Christianity. Many of the ancient spiritual disciplines have continued to be in use for thousands of years — others are being newly rediscovered. These classical disciplines are drawn from our shared Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions.

In his own quest toward deepening his relationship with God, Charles pulls out these ancient treasures, dusts them off, practices them himself and then updates them for a new generation. Recycled Spirituality is written as a practical handbook to encourage and equip readers to push the borders of their own experience and personal faith traditions to encounter God in fresh ways. The purpose of these encounters is always transformation, renewal and missional living. As Charles writes, “The gift of tradition is meant to be received. The essence of tradition is meant to be rediscovered. And if the practice of a tradition helps form you into the image of Christ, it is meant to be recycled.”

Charles Bello has been a blessing to our missionary students for over fifteen years. His teaching on spiritual formation and contemplative prayer has been invaluable for those headed out to spend their lives in the darkest places on the planet. The tools you learn in this book will help you to connect with Jesus in a way that will truly revolutionize your walk with Him. This is what is meant by allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us to make us into the image of Christ. We cannot recommend Charles' teaching highly enough.

John and Jamie Zumwalt, cofounders of Beautiful Feet

Charles Bello is a writer, pastor to pastors, a trained spiritual director, retreat director, and teacher. He has trained pastors, missionaries and lay leaders in more than fifteen nations. He and his wife, Dianna have six children and live in Edmond, Oklahoma. Charles is also founder and director of Coaching Saints. Coaching Saints is a small missional community of friends from different church traditions dedicated to calling and equipping Christians to Christ-centered spirituality and Spirit-empowered ministry. This humble band of saints conducts workshops, training events and retreats throughout the world. They love the whole church and are committed to expanding the Kingdom of God whenever and wherever they can. For more information, you can contact them at

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