Prayer As A Place


Prayer as a Place is an invitation to partner with Christ as he leads the believer into the dark places of his or her own heart. The purpose of this journey is to bring holiness and wholeness to the child of God. With candor and brutal honesty, pastor Charles Bello shares his own reluctance, and then resolve, to follow Christ on this inward journey. In sharing his story, readers gain insight into what their own personal journeys may look like. Prayer as a Place reads like a roadmap as it explores the contemporary use of contemplative prayer as a means of following Christ inward.

“Pastor Bello’s important book, Prayer as a Place, calls you to ongoing communion with the triune God and transformation by His presence. This veteran pastor challenges us to weld together the “good works” motivation of evangelicals with the inward life of the monastics.

“There is a growing library of newer books on the value of spiritual disciplines, but Prayer as a Place is somehow unique. Guaranteed: Your walk with Christ will be forever enriched by reading this book.”

David Shibley, author of A Force in the Earth, founder and president of Global Advance

Charles Bello is a writer, pastor to pastors, a trained spiritual director, retreat director, and teacher. He has trained pastors, missionaries and lay leaders in more than fifteen nations. He and his wife, Dianna have six children and live in Edmond, Oklahoma. Charles is also founder and director of Coaching Saints. Coaching Saints is a small missional community of friends from different church traditions dedicated to calling and equipping Christians to Christ-centered spirituality and Spirit-empowered ministry. This humble band of saints conducts workshops, training events and retreats throughout the world. They love the whole church and are committed to expanding the Kingdom of God whenever and wherever they can. For more information, you can contact them at

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