Healing Ministry


“This is a book by a long-term pastor who has determined to do in his church what Jesus said we all should be doing. Pastor Moraine has learned a few things about a balanced healing ministry. And he presents his case and his experience honestly. He neither ignores Jesus’ mandate to heal nor advocates putting on a big show. He simply does what a pastor is supposed to do, quietly and without ostentation. This is the way it should be if we follow our Master closely. So, listen to a pastor with experience and do what Jesus has called us all to do.”

— Dr. Charles Kraft
Author and Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary

Healing Ministry is a helpful guide o diving healing and praying for he sick, a practice every believer should understand and incorporate into the rhythms of daily life. I know Jack well. He’s down-to-earth and deeply committed to God. For many years, he and his wife have led a strong local church ministry, and Jack provides leadership for a network of other pastors. A significant focus of Jack’s ministry has been praying for people to experience the power and abundance of Christ in every area of their lives, including their physical health. This book will strengthen and guide the prayers you pray for people you love.

Dr. Gary D. Kinnaman
Author and Pastor, City of Grace – Mesa, AZ


Jack Moraine is the senior pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona, and serves as an Area Pastoral Care Leader for the Vineyard churches throughout the state. He has a bachelor’s degree in religion from Grand Canyon University and a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jack and his wife Brenda have four adult children and five adopted children between the ages of one and seven. 

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