Dark Room Bright Light


Although we live in a world that we can see and touch, much of our human experience seems shrouded in darkness, covered by the uncertainty of the intangible we sense all around us. Many of us feel like wanderers, seeking a deeper reality beyond the everyday, looking for the measures of meaning that will define our lives, wondering if the mystery that lies beyond the boundary of death could illuminate our lives in the present.

Dark Room Bright Light opens a window into these universal and fundamental life questions, shedding light on our faith, our religion, our spirituality. It is a guidebook for a journey through our paradigms, with plenty of tools to help us recognize what’s been lost or obscured along the way. This book is for those who want to see, for those who refuse to blindly follow, and for those who are brave enough to examine the foundation of their worldview.

John Thompson founded and leads All Nations Fellowship in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Global Leadership Institute in Africa. He also teaches as an adjunct professor in the areas of leadership and world religions. His studies include a doctorate in strategic leadership, a master’s degree in biblical literature and a bachelor’s degree in theology.

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