Complete In Him


“How can we ever hope to have a passion for the lost, if there is no passion for Jesus that causes us to leave behind everything that would compete for love and loyalty? The call of Jesus is that we follow Him completely. Unless we are complete in Him, the very idea of completing the commission to go into all the world and make disciples will always remain a mythical part of mere Christian teaching.”

Paul’s letter to the Colossians gives us a framework to better understand what it means to love God with all that we are. As we become Complete in Him, the Church will be prepared to follow Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth with His love and grace and Complete the Task He gave to the Church.

Colossians: Reveals the truth needed to revive today’s Church. Renews our passion for Jesus that brings completeness in Him. Provides the basis for the Church to finally complete the Great Commission.

With prophetic clarity, Dr. West knows the temptations and snares of mediocre, American Christianity and lays down the gauntlet of challenge for us all. Through this study of Colossians, you will recognize the radically different vision of following Jesus that gripped Paul’s heart and be challenged to the true nature of being a follower of Jesus.

from the forward by John W. Zumwalt, founder of Beautiful Feet

AUTHOR BIO Dr. James Lee West, former executive director of Beautiful Feet, graduated from Southern Nazarene University, received his Master’s of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary and his Doctorate of Ministries from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He has been a pastor and missions leader in the Church of the Nazarene for over thirty years, serving in Washington, Alaska and Oklahoma. As executive director, he oversaw the work of Beautiful Feet for over a decade, mobilizing churches and colleges, training new missionaries in Beautiful Feet Boot Camps and deploying new missionaries to the least evangelized peoples of the world. He and his wife, LaVina, live in Oklahoma.

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